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Mission Statement

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Since 1987, Electronic Technical Services Corporation has manufactured as well as provided replacement parts and services for SCR Control Systems.  We design electrical and electronic systems for controlling large AC and DC generators and motors.  Raw materials; such as steel, aluminum and copper; are used to produce a finished product built to the customerís specifications.  Available services include repairs of modules, printed circuit boards and other electronic components.

Our products are used throughout the world on oilrigs, ships/tankers, dredges and in refineries.  Currently, we have systems in such places as Africa, Singapore, South America, India and Europe.  We also have a significant market share in the United States, which extends into both Canada and Mexico.

At ETSCO, we are a part of an ever-advancing technical field.  A field in which only those with the highest quality and most cost efficient products will prevail.  With our continuous efforts to provide our customers with the best product on the market we are proving our ability to be the best.

We make every effort to ensure the utmost in customer satisfaction.  By utilizing the ideas and talents that each employee has to offer, ETSCO has been able to grow and become the company that we are now.  It is through our past experience and present situations that we are able to look to the future with high expectations.

Our Mission

Continuous quality improvement in every part of our business is the constant goal at ETSCO.  Every method of total quality management will be used to assure that we will always please our customers.

ETSCO's Mission Concepts are to:

Provide the ultimate measure of quality to our customers.  Their satisfaction with the products, services and information supplied is the key.
Assure continuous quality improvement in developing a minimum level of rework or deviations.
Utilize the ideas and talents that each employee has to offer, proving that it is our actions which will cause quality improvement to occur. 

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We look forward to hearing from you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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P.O. Box 1785
          Porter, Texas 77365
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